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What's New at Thorpe Park

  • Thursday February 22nd 2024
  • Lizzie Tuhoy
  • Accessibility, Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park Shark Cabins Girls Walking Through The Entrance



At Thorpe Park we have made changes to ensure we are constantly developing and adapting to our staff and guests requirements. A couple of changes made in our 2023 season include increasing the number of rides guests with missing limbs can experience, and also launching a new missing limbs timecard for which we have made multiple amends to improve based off feedback you gave us.

A couple of the many accessibility improvements and additions we have coming in 2024 include a 'Sensory Guide' detailing the sensory information for all rides and attractions, and a new and improved Accessibility Day Planner launching on our website.

As part of the Accessibility Day Planner through our new Accessibility Experience team, whom have all had extensive training prior to opening, we have also introduced a new feedback form to review your experience with the team and during your visit. We look forward to receiving your feedback and making even more improvements across the year.

Coming later this year we will also be launching a Social Story to better support neurodiverse guests during the pre-visit journey. As well as a brand new website update with the addition of a Rider Restriction page detailing everything you could want to know about all our rides and attractions in one place; this will include rider measurements, sensory information, missing limb guidance, age and height restrictions to name a few.

A little about me... I have been with Thorpe Park for 4 years now working in the Guest Experience Team. Previous to this I worked at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort for 5 years across Admissions, Guest Services and Customer Services so I may well be a familiar face for a lot of you regular visitors.

Within my role I am lucky enough to be looking after Accessibility across the Park, driving changes and constantly seeking improvement. I have worked on/led all of the projects detailed in our blog post alongside our H&S, Rides and Marketing teams and can’t wait to see what our guests think about these changes. Since doing my Autism Champion training with the National Autistic Society one of my biggest focus areas for 2024 is improving the experience for neurodiverse guests.

Looking forward to seeing you at Thorpe Park very soon!