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Ride Access Pass

We offer a Ride Access Pass to guests who may find it difficult or cannot stand for long periods of time either due to a physical disability or a learning/emotional impairment. Applications must be submitted at least 7 days in advance of your visit.
Using Your Ride Access Pass

Already have a valid Ride Access Pass?

If you already have a valid Ride Access Pass, you can skip the below steps and go straight to pre-booking your visit!

Alton Towers Spinball Whizzer Ride

Step 1

Apply Now

All Ride Access Pass applications must be completed online, at least 7 days before your visit.

Already have a Merlin Ride Access Pass Photo card? Skip straight to step 4

Apply Now

Legoland Windsor Castle Hotel Jester and Lego Brick Characters

Step 2

Link your Access Card

Once your application is approved, you will be sent an Access Card, you will then need to link this to a Merlin Ride Access Pass.  

If you already have an active Access Card, you can skip step 1 and link this straight to a Merlin Ride Access Pass through the below link.

Link your Access Card

Thorpe Park Saw The Ride

Step 3

Your brand-new Ride Access Pass

Once you have linked your Access Card, you will receive a digital version of your Ride Access Pass which you can use to collect your Ride Access Pass card.

Upon your first visit to Alton Towers Resort, Chessington World of Adventures Resort, LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort or THORPE PARK Resort, you can then collect your physical Ride Access Pass ID which card which is valid for 3 years.

Chessington World of Adventures Blue Barnacle Boat Ride

Step 4

Pre-book your visit

Ride Access Pass reservations to our UK resort theme parks are moving online, you will need to pre-book your Ride Access Pass before your visit.

The Ride Access Pass pre-book does not include admission into the attraction. You will still need to book your day tickets or MAP pre-book to show at entry.

Alton Towers CBeebies Land Postman Pat Ride

Need help?

Just click below for our FAQs

The Ride Access Pass is a system we have in place to provide reasonable adjustments to guests visiting our Theme Parks who require extra assistance or are unable to queue due to a condition or disability. This allows them access to our rides and attractions via a virtual queuing system for themselves and up to three others (at least one of which must be aged 14 or over).

The Ride Access Pass removes the need for our guests to wait within the main standby attraction queue lines and enter via a dedicated entrance.

We have partnered with Nimbus Disability to process our Ride Access Pass applications, who will individually assess your needs and determine if you are eligible. You will then be able to collect your Ride Access Pass – which will be valid for three years – on your first visit to Alton Towers Resort, Chessington World of Adventures Resort or LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, or THORPE PARK Resort.

The Equality Act 2010 (“The Act”) defines that a person shall be regarded as being disabled if they have a physical or mental impairment which has substantial (being more than minor or trivial) long-term adverse effects on their ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities. ‘Substantial’ being more than minor or trivial; ‘long-term’ being that the impairment must have been there for more than 12 months or likely to last for at least 12 months.

Ride Access Pass refers to the facility offered to our guests with disabilities allowing access to our rides and attractions whereby the standard queue is bypassed.

Guests with a disability (as defined by The Act) may, at the discretion of Nimbus Disability and/or Merlin Entertainments Group, be issued upon application, a Ride Access Pass.

All applications for Ride Access Pass must be submitted through Nimbus Disability’s Access Card process, which provides a more focused assessment of an individual person and the barriers they may face which affects their ability to queue. Applicants will be asked to provide any documentation and details to support their application which is then assessed by an expert team with a wide knowledge of disabilities.

- Guests that are already in possession of a valid Nimbus Disability Access Card with the Queuing or Wheelchair symbol on it do not need to apply for the Ride Access Pass. They will only be required to register their Access Card with Merlin Entertainments in order to create their Ride Access Pass.

- Guests must submit their application to Nimbus Disability for a Ride Access Pass at least seven days in advance of their intended visit to our Theme Parks. This will allow the necessary time for the application to be assessed.

- Guests who have not applied in advance may be eligible for a temporary Ride Access Pass – valid for one day from the date of approval – which is issued at the discretion of Merlin Entertainments. Due to the robust application process, this temporary adjustment may take upwards of one hour to be issued and can only be applied for once.

- The temporary adjustment will only be accepted for guests who apply providing one of the following supporting documentation: a Disability Living Allowance letter (dated within the last 24 months) showing that the guest receives either the higher rate mobility component or the higher rate care component, a PIP letter (dated within the last 24 months) showing that the guest receives the enhanced rate for either daily living or mobility components, or a current and valid Blue Badge.

Upon approval for a Ride Access Pass, the disabled guest must collect their Ride Access Pass ID Card – valid for three years from date of issue – from their chosen Merlin Theme Park. This ID card will display the name and photograph of the disabled guest and must be brought with them on every visit to a Merlin Theme Park where they intend to use the Ride Access Pass system. Once guests have received their ride access pass, they must pre book (at zero cost) their ride access pass for every visit to either LegoLand Windsor, Alton Towers Resort, Thorpe Park Resort or Chessington World of Adventures. Guests should check before they visit that there is ride access pass capacity available. Failure to pre book a ride access pass visit may result in not being able to use this service on the day of your visit.

- Guests will be required to show this ID card alongside their Ride Access Pass when entering any ride or attraction through the disabled entrance or Ride Access Pass entrance. The named and photographed guest on the ID card must be present and boarding the attraction with their companions.

- Failure to present the ID card when attempting to enter an attraction with a Ride Access Pass will result in entry being refused.

- Guests who are not in possession of their ID Card but wish to use their Ride Access Pass may visit GUEST HELP & INFORMATION/GUEST SERVICES to request a temporary method to validate your entitlement for RAP for the day which can be accepted at attractions in lieu of the ID card.

Upon receipt of a Ride Access Pass, guests may also be supplied with an Accessibility Guide. This guide highlights specific ride restrictions applicable to Ride Access Pass guests. These restrictions are in conjunction with the standard ride restrictions as displayed at the entrance to each individual ride and attraction.

Each guest who has a red ride access pass must be accompanied onto a or into a ride or attraction by a carer or .

- At least one carer or companion (up to a maximum of three) aged at least 14 years old must accompany the guest with a disability onto the chosen ride or attraction; this carer or companion must take full care and responsibility for the guest with additional requirements or disability in the event of an emergency.

- A maximum of three companions at a time are permitted to accompany a guest with a disability onto a chosen ride or attraction.

- Companions are not, under any circumstances, permitted to use the Ride Access Pass without accompanying the named Ride Access Pass holder.

- Companions agree that they must take full care and responsibility for the guest with additional requirements or disability during any emergency evacuation and that Merlin Entertainments staff are unable to assist guests through lifting or carrying.

Other restrictions and rules may apply at any time and use of Ride Access Pass does not supersede these should they be in force.

During peak periods, it may not always be possible to have Merlin Entertainments staff at all merge points on some rides and attractions. In these circumstances, please continue to use the designated queue line and use your Ride Access Pass as normal.

Use of Ride Access Pass does not and will not guarantee instant access to any ride or attraction. Guests may be required to wait in physical queue lines, particularly during peak times.

Upon validation of their reservation at the chosen ride or attraction, the Ride Access Pass guest will be timed out of the system for the same length of time as the main queue line. It will not be possible to reserve or enter any ride or attraction until the designated time has elapsed.

One Ride Access Pass will be issued per eligible guest per day.

Guests found to be misusing the Ride Access Pass in any way or attempting to contradict any of the Terms and Conditions will have their Pass revoked and may result in the future issue of the Ride Access Pass being denied.

At Chessington World of Adventures Resort and LEGOLAND Windsor Resort where a digital Ride Access Pass system is in place, misuse of the Ride Access Pass is identified, but not limited to;

- Making a reservation, screenshotting the QR code, cancelling the reservation and then attempting to use the screenshot at another point during the day.

Where there is a manual timecard system in place, misuse of the Ride Access Pass is identified, but not limited to;

-  Amending the group size on the timecard.

-  Attempting to enter the Ride Access Pass queue line with more companions that is stated on your timecard.

-  Attempting to use multiple timecards at once.

Merlin Entertainments will not tolerate any guest displaying any sign or visible representation of any kind which is, or could be reasonably judged to be, threatening, abusive or insulting in relation to the Ride Access Pass collection process or Merlin Entertainments reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to revoke the Ride Access Pass, or remove you and your carer or companion from the attraction if any behaviour occurs that may affect the enjoyment and/or safety of the Merlin Entertainments team and its guests.

All guests using Ride Access Pass agree that Merlin Entertainments will keep a record of their details for verification and registration purposes in line with the Data Protection Act (2018) and consent to having their photo taken for verification purposes.

- Nimbus Disability will handle all guest details for Ride Access Pass applications securely and safely and Merlin Entertainments will not have any access to the reason(s) the Ride Access Pass was issued or rejected.

Ride Access Pass ID Cards are issued to all registered guests; these cards are for the sole use of the person named and photographed on the card. Any misuse of the ID card will result in this being revoked and may result in refusal of any future Ride Access Pass.

Ride Access Pass ID Cards are only valid at Alton Towers Resort, Chessington World of Adventures Resort, LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, and THORPE PARK Resort; these cards will not be accepted any other Merlin Entertainments Group site.